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Thursday, February 28, 2013

For my friend the lovely Dolores

Saturday, February 23, 2013


First to my friends who don't share my faith...please don't view this as prostelytizing. I really don't do that. This piece is done for a church that a friend attends. Each year they create an "experience" that includes all kinds of art. People come and walk through. It's been good for me to focus on something like this each year. This one is small (I usually work large) and different for me. I tried doing it without the red dripping paint. But my mind's eye had it in mind from the beginning. I couldn't leave it out. It speaks to me of the pain and suffering that was the cost of redemption. I couldn't sanitize it. My inspiratation for the figure was Aaron Douglas and his illustrations for the famous sermons/poems in God's Trombones. It's not an easy or pleasant piece for me. It won't be hanging on my wall after. I don't have enough courage to face it daily. The theme is "Fall...Longing...Redemption".